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Efficiency is key to your operational success and the failure of a steam boiler is nothing short of a disaster. The production of products can be shut down for days, weeks, or months while a boiler is being repaired or replaced.  We have a temporary solution available if your boiler goes down for any reason. If you don’t find something in our current fleet, let us know how we can develop a custom solution.

C&C Boiler can respond as soon as needed with our own fleet of service trucks and installation crews. We can dispatch one of our mobile boiler systems within hours after your call. Rental boilers are also the ideal and economical solution for temporary steam requirements. All of our rentals have been designed for easy hook-up.

Your operation can continue as needed once temporary piping connections are made into the building, coupled into the existing equipment, electrical power is run onto mobile boiler, and steam pressure is up to normal .

  • Trailer & Skid Mounted Boilers |  These consist of open or enclosed designs and are a cost-effective way of renting a boiler.  This concept allow for fast delivery, installation, and reduces the time and cost of a rental. Options are available for an additional feedwater setup.
  • Mobile Steam Plants  |  A completely self-contained mobile steam solution has everything required to get your operation back online. They include the feed water pump and tank, fuel oil pump, blow down separator, chemical feed tank with pump and stub tank. The units are completely piped, wired, and ready for installation at your job site.
  • Feed Systems  |  Individual condensate tanks & deaerator rentals are temporary solutions while the current main system is under maintenance or replacement.