COVID-19 UPDATE (3.25.20)

As recently announced, several states as well as select North Carolina counties have issued shelter-in-place orders that require the closing of all non-essential businesses. While we anticipate additional such orders in the future, at C&C Boiler Sales & Service, Inc., we want to assure you that as a service vendor and supplier to the healthcare, pharmaceutical, energy, food & beverage, chemical, water & wastewater, and government facilities industries, we take grave responsibility as being considered an essential business and will continue operations.

As such, we are continually monitoring CDC guidelines and we have implemented their recommendations to include sanitation of common areas multiple times per day, social distancing, and hand washing as our number one priority is keeping our employees and customer locations as safe as possible.

These are just a few of the proactive steps we are taking to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

45+ safety programs

Our certified professionals are dedicated to training and educating our employees.

Many of our team members are utilizing our video conferencing capabilities for meetings, coordinated business procedures and related tasks in an effort to minimize office attendance and maximize social distancing.  Our core business strength with service technicians and mechanical services are still available both onsite and via phone and video conference to help you troubleshoot and keep your operations running.  Our replacement parts inventory is well stocked with an extensive inventory ready to ship or deliver immediately from our Charlotte, Greensboro, Columbia and Duncan warehouses with inquires to:

You can also place orders directly with Cleaver-Brooks by visiting Additional insight can be found on this website.

We are in unprecedented times which requires unique disciplines and behaviors until which time the coronavirus pandemic is mitigated. Please do your part and realize we’re doing ours.


Serving the industry since 1977 and built on the ethical standards of personal relationships centered at customer satisfaction, we joined the Cleaver-Brooks representative network in 1993. This allows us to provide a wide range of boiler room equipment for a variety of commercial and industrial uses. Headquartered in Charlotte, we cover regions in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. Commitment to quality has cleared the way for us to become one of the largest and most established boiler companies in the region for equipment sales, service and rentals.

Cleaver Brooks

C&C Boiler has proudly received 37 Cleaver-Brooks Awards for excellence in our field.

C&C Boiler Sales & Service, Inc has been built as a full-service company geared to meet all of your boiler room needs. We strive to maintain being the most capable and knowledgeable company in our industry, which provides us with the opportunity to contribute the highest level of service in our region to all customers



To achieve long term growth by serving our customers through a commitment to quality & safety.



To be recognized as the most valued supplier in the industrial boiler and piping markets in the region.



We provide a safety first environment by strongly adhering to accident prevention and industrial health principles.



Meeting the expectations of our customers through teamwork, initiative and competence, a sense of urgency, high ethical standards, and respect.


C&C Boiler Sales & Service, Inc. proudly serves the regions of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. We recently opened an office in Richmond.

Charlotte, NC (Corporate) - 3401 Rotary Drive, Charlotte, NC 28269
Phone | (704) 597-0003 • Fax | (704) 598-2242

Greensboro, NC - 4214 Beechwood Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410
Phone | (336) 275-1631 • Fax | (336) 275-1634

Columbia, SC - 1220 Atlas Road, Columbia, SC 29209
Phone | (803) 808-3366 • Fax | (803) 808-3358

Greenville, SC -230 Morley Court, Duncan, SC 29334
Phone | (864) 968-3363 • Fax | (864) 968-3365

Richmond, VA - 1145 Tricounty Drive, Oilville, VA 23129
Phone | (804) 313-6361 • Fax | (804) 596-9955


With over 40 years of installing, servicing, and maintaining boilers and equipment, we have been able to establish and continue strong relationships with customers by sharing valuable knowledge and experience gained over the years. We have built a reputation by providing customers with the best service possible and will continue to commit ourselves to the highest standards.

Today we employ over 130 experienced new equipment sales, service, and aftermarket replacement parts professionals. Many key employees have been with our company since inception.

  • Chosen in 1993 to be the Cleaver-Brooks Representative in North Carolina
  • Chosen in 1995 to be the Cleaver-Brooks Representative in South Carolina
  • Chosen in 2018 to be the Cleaver-Brooks Representative in the majority of Virginia and West Virginia
  • The Southeast’s most reputable boiler service company
  • Complete inventory of spare parts for all boiler manufacturers
  • Rental boilers from 15HP through 100,000#/hr high pressure steam
  • Inventory of used and refurbished boilers


We operate with the mentality that safety is our first and foremost priority, and understand that our employees and their families are our most valuable assets. With this as our guiding principle, we have established a robust safety program that encourages team collaboration, input from all levels of management, and continuous process improvement.

45+ safety programs

Our certified professionals are dedicated to training and educating our employees.

The safety program incorporates 45 sections that details policies and procedures for hazards encountered on our job sites. C&C Boiler has a team of certified safety professionals that are dedicated to the training and education of our employees, whereby each employee goes through a multi-step training process on each of our programs and also attends an annual 8-hour refresher training.

This mindset empowers us to stay productive in the workshop and on the job site. With these safety standards, customers can have full confidence that the task will be done correctly with minimum downtime and distractions.


Lower Your Emissions | Cleaver-Brooks works with customers to tailor solutions that help them decrease emission levels to both be more environmentally friendly and meet ever stringent guidelines. In some cases, that means replacing the boiler system. In other cases, Cleaver-Brooks can retrofit products to help a company meet its emission goals.

Cleaver Brooks

C&C Boiler is proudly representing Cleaver-Brooks in NC, SC, VA, and WV.

Reduce Your Fuel Cost | Fuel costs can quickly become your biggest operating expense, and rising fuel prices and shrinking budgets have demanded a strong arm when it comes to increasing efficiency. Cleaver-Brooks works with customers to tailor solutions that will increase productivity and decrease fuel costs. In some cases, that means replacing the boiler system. In other cases, Cleaver-Brooks can retrofit products to help a company lower fuel costs.


Only the integrated engineering of Cleaver-Brooks can deliver complete systems in any size, for any application.


Reduce energy costs and environmental impact by recovering waste heat or steam and using it for other system applications.


Increase the safety, reliability, and life of your system with deaerators, surge tanks, feedwater systems, and water treatment that can integrate into any system.


Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and high quality, installation-ready, and engineered free-standing stacks that feature the latest engineering and technology in combustion gas venting, provided with speed and accuracy.


For over a century, Vapor Power has been serving the needs of a wide range of industries that require steam generation. We have earned a reputation as the premier designer and manufacturer of boilers, steam generators and liquid phase heaters used worldwide.

Vapor Power International

Put our vast knowledge of steam generation to work for you.


Cleaver Brooks

C&C Boiler is willing to turn your requirements into an energy saving solution.

Boiler Controls  |  Fully designed and optimized to work with our Cleaver-Brooks systems to help you get the most efficient and money-saving performance out of your boiler room. Virtually any system can benefit from the addition of a control.

Dearator Controls  |  Engineered to work seamlessly with other Cleaver-Brooks boiler system controls, our packaged water controls monitor and manage all of your system’s water-related touch points, including pumps and levels.

Burner Upgrades  |  A full line of high-quality, high-efficiency, low- and ultra-low-emission burners ensure that we have a burner for any application, industry, or need.

Fuel System Upgrades  |  Upgrade your boiler or burner fuel capabilities for operational flexibility based on fuel cost and take advantage of multiple fuel sources in a fast, easy, and dependable way.

  • Filtration — Fuel maintenance is very important as more fuel is stored on site. Complete fuel maintenance can include dewatering filters and chemical additive pumps.
  • Day Tanks — Allows for immediate startup of backup generators where fuel oil is stored close by and ready for use.
  • Pump Sets — Used to move fuel oil from the main storage tank to a point of use.
  • Controls — Complete system is monitored and controlled automatically to allow for unattended operation.
  • Fuel Oil Accessories


Cleaver-Brooks’ full line of high-quality, high-efficiency, low- and ultra-low-emission burners ensure that we have a burner for any application, industry, or need.


Controls increase efficiency and decrease fuel costs and emissions with control systems designed to get the most out of your boiler room.


Industrial Combustion is a leading manufacturer and subsidiary of Cleaver-Brooks, with burners designed for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. They offer a wide range from 550,000 Mbtu/hour to 100,000,000 Mbtu/hour that is designed to operate proficiently with either gas or oil. Industrial Combustion equipment is low maintenance and energy efficient

Industrial Combustion

For nearly 70 years, our burners have been part of virtually every major boiler manufacturer’s packaged products.


Our industrial combustion products provide superior performance in boiler, heater, furnace, kiln, and dryer applications. Combination units afford operators the option of choosing the lowest cost fuel without costly equipment changeover or adjustments


Immediate Delivery  |  24 Hour Service |  Ready to Respond

The failure of a steam boiler is nothing short of a disaster. Efficiency and production of your products can be shut down for days, weeks, or months while a boiler is being repaired or replaced. If your boiler should go down for any reason, there is a temporary solution available. If you don’t find something in our current fleet, let us know how we can discuss a custom solution.

We have our own fleet of trucks, along with piping and installation crews, ready to respond as soon as needed. As quickly as temporary piping connections are made into the building, coupled into the existing equipment and electrical power is run onto mobile boiler, steam pressure is up to normal, and your operation continues as usual. We can dispatch one of our mobile boiler systems within hours after your call. Rental boilers are also the ideal and economical solution for temporary steam requirements. All of our rentals have been designed for easy hook-up.

Trailer & Skid Mounted Boilers  |  Open or enclosed designs are the cost-effective way of renting a boiler. They make for fast delivery, installation, and reduces the time and cost of a rental. Options are available for a more complete feedwater solution.

Mobile Steam Plants  |  Completely self-contained steam solution. Our mobile steam plants have everything required including feed water pump and tank, fuel oil pump, blow down separator, chemical feed tank with pump and stub tank to get your operation back online. They are completely piped, wired, and ready for installation at your job site.

Feed Systems  |  Condensate Tanks & Deaerator rentals are temporary solutions while the current system is under maintenance or replacement.


C&C Boiler Sales & Service, Inc. has built a long-standing reputation as a leader in the supply and service of boilers, pumps, and accessories for industrial and commercial businesses of North and South Carolina. We have developed one of the most comprehensive services and support networks in the boiler industry.

Our technicians are experienced professionals with a thorough knowledge of all types of boilers. They have the skills and experience to keep your boilers performing efficiently.

National credentials allow us to take total responsibility for a project due to our ability to handle all aspects of it – furnishing installations, coordinated and controlled by one contract. We offer a full line of boiler room equipment, installation services and start-up. We emphasize prevention and continuous improvement to satisfy your growing needs. Aside from our products and installation services, we also offer instruction to your operation personnel on the correct operating procedures, proper care, and proper maintenance for your system. This reduces downtime and lowers your overall costs – saving you money.


Our involvement in the CBRA network utilizes knowledge from over 40 different Cleaver-Brooks representatives.

  • Energy Savings
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Startup
  • Tune Ups
  • Annual Inspections
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Code Repair – ASME PP Stamp
  • Code Repair – NBIC R Stamp
  • Energy & Safety Audit Consulting
  • 24/7 Accessibility


C&C Boiler can help with your custom fabrication requirements. If you can’t find what you need from the list below, please contact us to discuss fabrication options that are specific to your needs.

  • Feed Water Systems
  • Condensate Systems
  • Tank & Pump Setups
  • Skid Packages
  • Custom Rental Units
  • Trim Assembly
  • Stands & Ladders
  • Doors
  • Brackets
  • Baffles


Although we are a Cleaver-Brooks Representative, we also offer a range of parts from other vendors to keep your equipment running in top performance with minimal downtime.

Cleaver Brooks Genuine Parts

C&C Boiler has consistently performed at Platinum level status for their quality sales & service.

Everything You Need from Annual Inspections to Spare Parts

  • Give us a call any time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Parts for all boiler manufacturers and their subsystems
  • Discounts available with Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Expert Advice and Sourcing

  • With over 40+ years’ experience, our parts staff will help you source the boiler room parts you need, including hard-to-find and more unique parts. New Equipment or Vintage, contact our parts specialist to keep you up and running.
  • Being active in CBRA and having access to Cleaver-Brooks expansive inventory allows us to respond in a timely manner. We are always striving to improve our response time to keep the customer up and running with little downtime as possible

Largest Cleaver-Brooks Dealer in the South East

  • We currently have 4 warehouse locations for your critical boiler room needs, leveraging Cleaver-Brooks’ inventory buying power.
  • Maintain one of the most extensive inventories of boiler room parts in the Southeast.
  • Our service trucks are your mobile warehouse. They carry the parts regularly used in your boiler room helping reduce wait time.
Types of Parts


  • Annual Inspection Materials
  • Burner Assembly Parts
  • Control Panel Parts
  • Electrical Components
  • Fuel System Parts
  • Piping Assembly
  • Water Column Parts
  • Gaskets
  • Refractory
  • Water Column Components
  • Tubes
  • Motors
  • Flame Safeguards


As your authorized Cleaver-Brooks Representative, we can quickly and efficiently help you find the parts, upgrade options, training, and maintenance plans needed to keep your boiler room running at peak performance.


C&C Boiler is a Cleaver-Brooks representative in regions of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. We look forward to hearing from you!

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